Daily readings

Matthew 24:15-28
(Mark 13:15-23; Luke 21:20-24)

Suggested further reading: Romans 8:31-39

God's elect are always special objects of God's care (vv. 22,24). Those whom God has chosen to salvation by Christ are those whom God especially loves in this world. They are the jewels among mankind. He cares more for them than for kings on their thrones if kings are not converted. He hears their prayers. He orders all the events of the nations and the consequences of wars for their good and their sanctification. He keeps them by his Spirit. He allows neither man nor devil to pluck them out of his hand. Whatever tribulation comes on the world, God's elect are safe. Maywe never rest till we know that we are of this blessed number! When Paul saw the faith, hope and love of the Thessalonians, then he knew their election of God
(1 Thess. 1:4).

In Luke 21:24 a period is foretold during which Jerusalem was to be given over into the hands of Gentile rulers and the Jews were to have no dominion over their ancient city. A fixed period is likewise foretold which was the time in which the Gentiles were to enjoy privileges and occupy a position something like that of Israel in ancient days. Both days are one day to end. Jerusalem is once more to be restored to its ancient inhabitants. The Gentiles because of their hardness and unbelief are to be stripped of their privileges and endure the judgement of God. Their dominion shall crumble away and their vaunted institutions shall fall to pieces. The Jews shall be restored.

Whenever the second advent of Christ takes place, it shall be a very sudden event (v. 27). This is a practical truth that we should ever keep before our minds. That our Lord Jesus will come again in person we know from the Scriptures. That he will come in a time of tribulation we know. But the precise period, the year, the month, the day, the hour are all hidden things. We only know that it will be a very sudden event. Our plain duty then is to live always prepared for his return. Let us walk by faith, not by sight. Let us believe in Christ, serve Christ, follow Christ and love Christ. So living, whenever Christ Mayreturn, we will be ready for him.

For meditation: In 1948 the Jews returned to Israel and in 1967 retook Jerusalem.