Peculiar to St. Matthew

Peculiar to St. Mark

Peculiar to St. Luke

Peculiar to St. John

Common to Matthew     and Mark

Two blind men cured

Deaf and dumb man cured

Jesus passes through the crowd at Nazareth

Water and wine at Cana

Syrophoenicians daughter cured

Dumb spirit cast out

Blind man cured

Draught of fishes

Nobleman's son cured of fever

The four thousand fed

Tribute money provided


Widow's son raised to life at Nain

Impotent man cured at Jerusalem

The fig tree cursed


Woman's infirmity cured

Jesus passes through crowd in the temple


Dropsy cured

Man born blind cured at Jerusalem


Ten lepers cleansed

Lazarus raised from the dead at Bethany


The ear of Malchus healed

Falling backward of the soldiers


Draught of 153 fishes


Common to Matthew     and Luke

Common to Mark and Luke

Common to Matthew,   Mark and Luke

Common to Matthew,   Mark and John

Common to all the Evangelists

Centurion's palsied servant cured

Demoniac in synagogue cured

Peter's mother in law cured

Christ walks on the sea

The five thousand fed

Blind and dumb demoniac cured


The tempest stilled


The demoniacs cured


The leper cured


The daughter of Jarus    raised to life


Woman's issue of blood cured


A paralytic cured


Man's withered hand cured


Unclean spirit cast out


Blind men cured