The Bible is the Word of God. Do you believe it? Why Do I Believe in God?

I believe in God for seven reasons. The following evidences testify of Godís existence. Consider the evidence of:

1) Design - The tremendous complexity, order and synchronization of nature testify of its Designer.
Study the circuitry of a computer or a bolt and nut whose threads matched perfectly. Do you believe that these objects were formed by chance? Why not? Who designed the living cell, a beeís eye or the human brain with far greater complexity and synchronization? God did.

2) Beauty - Nature not only testifies of functional design, but it speaks of a Creator with an aesthetic appreciation for beauty. View a beautiful painting. Do you believe that this work of art work fell together by chance? Why not? Who created nature with its colours and aesthetic beauty? God did.

3) Morality - The innate sense of right and wrong in all people testifies of their righteous Creator.
Watch a toddler touch a forbidden object or a young child tell a lie. Do you believe that this boy or girl does not know that this action is wrong? Why not? Who formed this child with an innate sense of right and wrong? God did.

4) Perfection - The longing of all people for perfection and eternal meaning speaks of a need to know and love their perfect and eternal Creator.
Observe peopleís desires. Are they ever fully satisfied? Do they ever attain perfection and eternal meaning by their efforts or human relationships? Why not? Who implanted this deep-seated need for a perfect and eternal relationship? God did.

5) Religion - The religious beliefs and practices of people from every continent on earth proclaim the universal consciousness of God and a deep need to live in communion with our Creator.
Study primitive to advanced cultures from every tribe, nation or language on earth. Do you find any group of people with no religious beliefs and practices? Why not? Who placed these innate spiritual needs and desires in all people? God did.

6) Personal Assurance - Experiencing a loving relationship with God convinces a person of Godís reality.
Witness a person who loves another. Does he or she doubt the reality of love, or the love of the other? Why not? Who personally communicated the reality of His love? God did.

7) Word of Truth - The Bibleís ability to inerrantly speak to the spiritual needs of all people throughout history regardless of age, culture, or education and its communication of the perfect answer for manís sin by the gracious gift and death of Godís Son Jesus Christ testifies that it is the Word of God. Study the Bible. Do you find any error in its spiritual, practical, historical, scientific or prophetical truths, or any lack in its ability to speak truth to all cultures, ages and types of people? Why not? Who proclaimed such infallible and heart-renewing truths? God did.

To not believe in God requires faith that goes against reason. It requires illogical faith. When, however, we observe the design of
creation and beauty of nature; the universal sense of morality, desire for perfection and consciousness of God; and the witness of personal testimony and power of the Bible, then we know that believing in God is supported by reason. Faith in God is logical faith.

Yes, I believe in God. Do you?